The key to staying healthy is to maintain a strong immune system, through nutritious foods, regular exercise, ample sleep and managing stress.

A diet plentiful with fruit and veggies helps provide the body with many nutrients, phytonutrients, and antioxidants so that we function at our optimum. Juice Plus is a great way to increase and improve your diet. For more info check out

30 minutes of physical activity or 3 10 minute bouts of exercise daily will help to reduce risk of health diseases/disorders. Not a seasoned exerciser, take a brisk walk around the neighborhood or on your lunch break to start and increase as your body adjust and improves.

8-10 hours of sleep per night is suggested for adults and sometimes even more for your children. Sleeps allows for the brain/body to heal and repair it’s self while other body systems are resting.

Minimizing stress levels can be as easy as scheduling a massage session or sitting calmly while quieting the mind. Massage not only feels good but also improves mood, increases circulation, reduces muscle/joint pain, increases range of motion, reduces depression symptoms, and aides in muscle recovery.

You owe it to yourself to take care of you. You only have 1 body, spoil it with goodness.