How many of you suffer from back pain? Too often I see clients with low back pain being their #1 complaint. 

You may be surprised to learn that chronic low back pain may stem from muscle imbalances and dysfunction beginning low to the ground at the feet and ankles. If the feet and ankles are not providing a stable platform to move (walking/running) on the problem travels upward effecting knees, hips, the back, even shoulders and neck. Overtime muscles become fatigued, sore, and strained causing joint alignment issues = PAIN. 😣

Next time you are standing in place take a look down at your feet. Are they pointed straight or turned in or outward? Are your feet parallel or is one more forward than the other? Do you have high arches or fallen arches? Take a look in the mirror to see if your hips & shoulders are even or if one side is lower/higher than the other. Do you notice a slight twist in your torso or tilt in your pelvis. Minor postural changes may be the differences between a state of pain & painless. 

Massage can help to restore muscle balance, improve range of motion and blood flow to weak & tired muscles while reducing stress on joints and reducing chronic pain.