Is your home quiet & soothing or is it loud & chaotic? Can you come home to relax peacefully or does your blood boil?

Your health & wellness is affected by your surrounding environment. Stressful areas & situation cause our body to release stress hormones which can make us sick.  

Consider the following tips to turn your home into a sanctuary for your soul…

❎Turn down or off loud tv/radio talk shows especially ones that focus on violence or debatable issues. 

👍Try soothing background music to induce a calming feeling throughout the house.

👍Try diffusing essential oils like lavendar, jasmine or any scent that makes you feel happy & calm.

👍Create a sacred space in your home. Maybe you have an extra room or just a corner you can transform into a meditation/relaxation area.

👍Bring some plants and/or flowers in. Adding a  bit of nature inside adds a touch of beauty and serenity to your home.