Think about this, all these below

Give so much to their environment whether it be oxygen, joy, loyalty, warmth, light, and more. Even when the environment around them is not always ideal, fun, nice etc, they show up and do what they do best.
Why, because they don’t take in all the negative energy given off by external forces or beings around them.

Unlike us humans, we absorb just about everything, positive and negative, from that which surrounds us. We involve ourselves with drama that may not be ours, we get upset over others actions, we are hurt by others if they don’t live up to expectations and this list can go on and on too.

To protect your health & wellness you need to protect your energy. Protect your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health from energy suckers.

Be more like 🌳🌻🐢🌞🌜
Be warm, kind, fun, & shine.
Be the light 🌟 in a dark 🌎