Let that ⬆️ sink in.
This is why it is so important to address injuries 🤕 immediately instead of hoping and praying the pain and disfunction will correct itself, it won’t!
Rehab, focusing on good biomechanics, and correct postural exercises will minimize and possibly eliminate the poor adaptational habits the body inherit after an injury.
If you do nothing, tissues will do whatever they find fit to heal and I promise it won’t be good or feel good and chances are you will have additional injuries.

Silence is golden 🤫 research shows silence is just what the body and brain need to relax and reduce stress. Pair silence with a massage session and let the healing begin.

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This is what happens with poor posture and when tight muscles pull at the vertebrae. 🤣
Adjustments are great but the soft tissue connected to the bones must be worked as well to minimize reoccurrence of misalignments and reduce discomfort & pain. Focus on your posture too. You’d be surprise at the beneficial changes when you stand tall and align your spine.

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The human body is amazing! Make sure you take care of it & appreciate yours. Massage is one of the best self care prescriptions you can take advantage of too.

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