As they fell from heaven, the plants said, “Whichever living soul we pervade, that man will suffer no harm.” ~Rig-Veda

Essential oils can stimulate olfactory (smell) nerves and penetrate the skin which, it turn, effect us emotionally & physically.

There are 2 ways to handle stress…let it control you or you take control of it. 

Below are all healthy ways to combat stress & live a more stress free life. 

How do you handle stress?

Did you know I also give prenatal massages?? And, it happens to be one of my favorite to give. 

The ability to create a new life is beyond a miracle and I love being able to provide healing, comfort, & relaxation to expecting mothers. 

If you or someone you know is expecting a little bundle of joy, there are many benefits to receiving massage. Check it out ⬇

I’d be happy to schedule a session for any expectant mother 😊

Itching burning eyes 😣, itchy runny noses, sneezing 😧, congestion, and headaches πŸ€• can make the change of seasons unbearable. Try this aromatherapy blend for relief. 

Don’t take my word for, I’m biased. Listen to those who have personally experienced a session with me. Find more like this on Yelp 😊 

When you love what you do you’ll never work a day in your life πŸ˜‰


Massage therapy: improving physical, mental, and emotional well-being one session at a time.

Did you know regular scheduled massages does more for you than just feel like a mini retreat⁉

πŸ’† It also improves appearance of cellulite & slows aging of skin, improves circulation, speeds up recovery time after working out and/or surgery, increases flexibility & range of motion, reduces risk of disease and some cancers, improves mood & reduces depression and so much more. 

Happy FriYay my friends!! 

Do yourself a favor and pick up the  special edition TIME magazine and read all about history, benefits, odds & science of exercise. I love when TIME comes out with these relevant topics that can change anyone’s health from poor to good and good to great. 

G.I. Joe said, “knowing is half the battle.”

Did you know that regular massage sessions can translate to greater gains πŸ’ͺ from your workouts??

Check out this article by Shape for more details and then contact me to schedule you next πŸ’† session πŸ˜‰