Good morning 🌞
How’d you sleep? Do you wake up refreshed & ready to take on the day?
Or, did you wake up with aches & pains?

Adjusting the way you sleep may be the key to a good night’s rest and reducing aches & pains. Try support pillows and a properly fitted neck pillow to support proper spinal alignment. For side lying, include a pillow to hug to support the top shoulder/arm & a pillow behind the back to allow your body to rest back and take pressure off of the bottom shoulder/arm and open the chest up.

Ask me if you questions, I’m happy to help.

Stress; a silent killer. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Focus on what is good, change what’s not good & forget the rest.
Make Monday Great!

Massage is one of the best preventative health measures you can incorporate into your life. Don’t wait for pain or an injury to service to take actions. It is much easier to maintain good health than it is to lose it and get it back.



“How often do we react to a statement of another by being offended rather than seeing that the other might actually be hurting? In fact, every time we get offended, it is actually an opportunity to extend kindness to one who may be sufferingβ€”even if they themselves do not appear that way on the surface.”

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Good health is much easier to maintain & keep than it is to lose it and try to rehab back from a state of dis-ease & illness. Take care of yourself. You get 1 body, no refunds or exchanges.