Escape in the comfort of your own home or office as the massage experience is brought to you. With table and supplies in arms, you’ll receive 5 star treatment as if you’re on vacation.

Minimum $30.00 travel & setup charge applies (distance matters).  Choose from any of the services below for a home/backyard/park therapy session.

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Custom Tailored Swedish & Deep Tissue Massage
30/50/80 minutes

Swedish massage is the most common form of massage therapy. It is to relax the body and bring soothing relief to muscles and increase circulation of blood and lymph to remove toxins that build up resulting in dis-ease. Deep tissue, also referred to as myofascial release, is for those trouble areas of the body requiring deeper pressure to release chronic stress points and relieve tight sore muscles. Oil or lotion is used to perform a series of strokes designed to improve circulation, reduce tension, increase range of motion and encourage relaxation. Each session is custom tailored to each clients individual needs to restore balance to the body’s natural movement, mind, and soul.

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50 minutes

chakra_7dayReiki is an alternative medicine therapy that applies the method of biofield therapy. Reiki translates to “Universal Life Force Energy”. This hands on healing technique was founded in Japan. It has been used worldwide for thousands of years to help enhance self-healing for ailments  such as addictions, weight, aches and pain, mood, hormone health, cancer, trauma and to balance all the bodies chakras (energy centers). It can also enhance your ability to be successful in business and in your personal relationships. Reiki can help to create joy within the body and provide a feeling of relaxation and peace.



Prenatal Massage
50/80 minutes
$85.00/$120.00Jen Taylor Massage Pregnancy Massage

Special positioning is used to ensure comfort and relaxation for the mommy-tobe. Helps to relieve tension in your lower and upper back and alleviate swelling in the hands and feet, easing your mind and uplifting your spirit.

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30/50 minutes

Techniques are applied to the feet and/or hands affect another body part. These techniques stimulate pressure sensors, triggering a relaxation response throughout the body. Reflexology encourages good health, promoting relaxation, easing pain, preventing disease, and improving quality of life.

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On-Site Seated Chair Massage Events

I’ll bring the wellness and rejuvenation to the office or party. I can provide on-site seated chair massage for sporting events, celebration parties, spa parties, company parties, employee appreciations, client or vendor appreciations, golf outings, fundraisers and trade show traffic builders. A 5-10 minute massage therapy will release tension in the back, neck and shoulders.

Minimum 2 hours per event. 
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Massage Gift Certificates

Make a lasting impression on that special someone by giving them the gift of massage. Whether for therapeutic purposes or simply relaxation, massage makes a great gift.mbb_gift_certificates


Ideal for any occasion…

  • Birthdays
  • Anniversaries
  • Weddings
  • Special Holidays
  • Employee Recognition
  • Customer Appreciation
  • Retirement
  • To Say Thank-You
  • Just Because

Gift certificates are available for any service.
For more information about ordering a gift certificate, contact me today.

Jen Taylor, LMT, NCTMB